Sunday, January 01, 2006

Adam Robinson, editor

Adam Robinson has published extensively in The Kankakee Review and HM Magazine as well as The Fukumori Foundation and on various web sites. He received a grant from the Union League of Chicago. He has written and produced two feature-length plays including The Professor, which, in 2005, opened to a sold-out audience in Milwaukee, WI.

In 2005, Adam started to wonder what baseball was like. It turns out he thought it was something, like, awesome. In 2006, Adam developed the same interest in poetry. In 2007, Adam couldn't decide on a new interest so he stuck with poetry and baseball.

Adam lives in Baltimore, where he frequently performs poetry readings, musical events (such as participating in the Kazoo Orchestra at the 2007 High Zero High Jinx), and plays. With Ric Royer, he is curating an evening of the 2008 Transmodern Festival.

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