Monday, January 23, 2006

The Dirty Neighborhoods

Remember right now
when you were reading my
poem right

You were thinking, "Great!
He's totally involving the reader!"

Ha ha.
Remember I just
laughed because you
thought of yourself
in terms of a "reader"?
Don't you think of yourself
more simply?

Remember Billy Collins or
whoever was all, "Poems
are good because we don't
know what's going on with them"

Or something like that?
But, drat, you know
exactly what's going on here.

It's so obvious
that it makes me
feel self conscious.

You know? I mean,
why do I purposefully not
litter downtown, where
certainly someone will come along
in just a minute
and sweep,
while wrappers and receipts
get so terribly burdensome
in the dirty neighborhoods?

Are you like that, too?
"Then there's a pair of us; don't tell."

when you were reading
my poem right

Do I apologize or bow?

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