Monday, February 13, 2006

The Berube/Horowitz Saga

I'm wasting time reading about rich intellectuals in argumentative fits;
(It seems Prof Berube has the advantage over Dave Horowitz.)

And, to my shame, I'm doing this just two days after watching Kandahar,
the movie, my God, with the power and the struggle.

No, but seriously, our theorists -- their conditions -- are important.
Their ideas unpack and form the essence of what we believe.

(e.g. No one can underestimate the degree to which Plato's notion of poesis
has shaped our understanding of that term.)

So it's right that Berube be challenged, though Horowitz be dull,
the same way Hamlet halted, holding Yorick's empty skull.

But -- it's a waste of time for me to read their tiff, now that I know about it,
and since I have so much to do. It's not real to me. Art is real to me.

Hamlet, despite being a play and all, is real. Art solves problems.
Like, my new song may very well make some break-throughs:

 Go, go Leo Tolstoy!
 I really like your stuff
 I was into Anna Karenina
 from the very beginning-a
 Levin was tough
 -- but you are in the backyard digging holes!

 Fyodor Dostoevsky!
 The greatest writer of all time
 In the prison with the fools
 Wearing the padded shoes
 The punishment and the crime
 -- Sometimes you lose but the gambler never folds!

Alas, poor song. That is as far as I got before that argument
between Berube and Horowitz which is chronicled on the Internet

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