Monday, March 13, 2006

Joe Louis

First go 'round Max Schmeling
dropped Joe Louis in twelve.
Everybody started to cry.
No one thought that Kraut could do it.
The Brown Bomber was tough,
but he dropped his right when he jabbed.

Then Joe Louis knocked out
the Cinderella Man,
who had eked out the Movable Alp,
so Max headed back from Germany
for a rematch.

Last night I sauteed fish
in all the right ingredients.

Schmeling was fleshy propaganda,
but Joe Lewis pummeled him and
ended him in one hundred and twenty-four
seconds. Bam! Thud!

Schmeling wasn't a bad guy though.
In his locker room after the fight
He apologized for losing. He spoke
remarkable English.
He went back to Germany and hid two
Jewish children in his hotel room so
they wouldn't be killed.
He appeared on Joe Louis! This
is Your Life.

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