Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Anti-Disney Poem

Oh, say,
do you think there's a chance that,
despite everything, you
know, like despite govt expansionism
and this firm belief in capital punish
ment (and I dunno, maybe you're
for capital punishment),

            but I mean
aside from the discrepancy
between education and military funding
and the salaries in prosports,
and forgetting about all the Indians for
just like two seconds, and
Gitmo, forgetting about the
School of Americas or whatever,
about race relations (I mean, can you
even believe race relations are an issue!)

about box stores and gasoline
and that no one reads any books
except davincicodeandthegobletof
wiretaps and judith miller's stern
visage and ken lay's sterner;
ken lay looks like by god he did
nothing he did -- say it again --
nothing and you are wrong to even ask
you are spitting on the flag of by god
America, this great, this Good and this great --

            -- really he has the perfect
face, all with conviction --
like a dollar bill -- that Yes, despite everything,
I am right and no better can be done

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