Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Future Killer

You are sleeping       the Voice is on the floor       and I am thinking of
something       what will I dream of       of mudwolves
of bodies like rope       of James Dickey.

It's cold outside       starting to snow       starting to light on the brim of his       cap.
A burglar's cap is knit, rolled
the brim above the brow like a sailor's but will unfold
-- then                   only like a burglar's.
Only eyesnose             gaping mouth.

There is white on the limb above the brim
on him       outside our window.
Hooray for snow I am thinking while you are sleeping and soles are             crunching
up our walk.

      You are sleeping through the pounding I'm ignoring.
I'm not hearing the latch lifting while you're snoring.
But I'm catching creaking stretch across our flooring.

"Hey" I say you sit up       of teaching film classes
the door crashes open
so       slow       opens       snow
falls as cap becomes mask and we are naked like a pair of peeled carrots.

There stands a walnut with a gaping mouth.

The mouth nothing says only stands.
Its pistol glitters in its hands.
No cover in these sheets             you greet
this armed walnut
I raise my hands       you say "howdy do" I say "not much how are you"
Somewhere       maybe not in this town       somewhere Frank Sinatra is       playing
"but baby it's cold outside."
Blue Eyes?             the Voice is on the floor             the walnut at the       door.

of Quilty, which is not a quilt,
You pat.       You say, "No, Nutty, not like that."       You squish
toward me       turn up the corner
In it enters penitent       you raise a gentle hand to its knit face.       You are so
like a fawn hears a moth. I am now a fully engaged carrot. I am a carrot who       bristles.

Its boots drip.

Milton's devil walnut.
"Round it throws its baleful eyes." You coo.
To me you say "it's up to you."
I grab its gun I cock the lever and in an instant now forever.

Yarn follows bone follows steel. I'm strattling you, deaf from the report.

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