Friday, July 07, 2006

Lyrics from Rick v0.1

These are the lyrics for the first draft of a vague idea for the next Cardinal show.

I. Rick Meets Cathy, Pyrotechnician
I make pizza with fresh cheese
I roll the dough, toss and squeeze
I use water from NYC
It has a purer flavor
I'm happily here for a slice
I've been working since last night
Creating blasts of fiery light
And sonic party favors

II. Rick's Reflects on Last Night's Fireworks
No, I don't mind telling you at all
I thought there were some ups and downs
I liked the use of the big green ball
but was disappointed in the sounds

Your color was impeccable, it's true
You achieved heights both beautiful and new
I've never seen a hue balloon so blue
But what did it all mean?

What are these works of fire?
Do we celebrate some distant war?
To what does your art aspire?
The same violence but no gore?

Or should I reflect upon our team's home run?
Ignore the expansionism for exploding fun
Is it not the shocking sound of a gun
or just crimson red and Paris green.

III. Rick and Cathy Consider the Paths They Have Chosen & Are Content
For several centuries
The men who made fireworks all died
Anyone who knew
how to mix things like carbon sulfide
tried once and then blew
themselves to bits.
Soldiers used to march for days
And they would take flour made from grains
and mix it with water on their shields
And add cheese to it, and dates
And that was pizza!
I'm happy with my job.
I'm not a Grecian soldier, but I love to make pizza.
We're just a couple happy individuals.
Two happy individuals.
We're happy with our jobs.

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