Thursday, August 31, 2006

Gone by Culture Industry

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The poem that follows was created by crossing out words on page 5 of Jonathan Kellerman's novel Gone. I used the barcode on Adorno's book Culture Industry as the pattern for which words to blacken and which to use. I crossed out the first nine words (as the numbers above indicate) and saved the next word. Then I crossed out the next seven, saved the next and crossed out eight more. And so on. The zeros were tricky; when they came up, I simply crossed out the word that would have been left by either of the eights.

I punctuated and spaced according to my whim. I'm pretty sure another, quite different poem could be written with the same words.

Gone by Culture Industry
Was into only dead,
he swallowed vision,
braced, felt.

Charley the young --
those came --
she with coming, but --
what bare flesh!
nothing, this -- enough.

her around
up, now . . .
---- fear
-------- her

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