Monday, February 05, 2007

A Poem by Matt Cook

[Here's one I read at UB in honor of the Department Head's 50th birthday:]

Hello, my name is Adam Robinson
and I’d like to read you a poem by Matt Cook.
It’s a really beautiful poem,
and funny, but
the most remarkable thing is that I’d like
to read it to you and

I was going to read you one of my poems,
but I had to turn in all my poetry
to be ranked by my teacher who
not only has developed a perfect ranking system,
I’m sure, after all these years,
but after all these years she also has
developed all these years, which I’ve gotta tell you,
is something else altogether.
So anyway I’d like to read you a poem by
Matt Cook, from Milwaukee.

I thought I’d boggle your mind with
a poem by Matt Cook, from Milwaukee, who
has no idea that I want to read it to you.

He’s probably there in his house in
Milwaukee, or out with some friends.
He’s probably saying, “In the NAVY
they have to bring DENTISTS on
the BOATS because they’re at SEA
for SO LONG.” He has a knack
for expressing truth in capital letters.

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