Friday, February 02, 2007

Review: Falling Off My Bike

The incident in question is falling off my bike, not the bike, but the falling off. That ought to be clear. Certainly it was see-through to the high school attenders who stood by bent-kneed and achuckle. They knew, happily, that what was at stake had rather nothing to do with a bike, but wholly with a falling off.

Which itself (falling off) isn’t accurate. ## One, the reviewer, me, could say rather (rather!), one could say a sort of leaping was involved. A sort of projected reaching. This sort of sort of way of talking### ------It was falling off, we can settle it imperfectly, it wasn’t falling off exactly but that’ll do if falling off equals launching up and over then finally down, then finally across, then finally stopped.

All of that. All that is in question. How was it####? Go

(end here -Mayhem)

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