Wednesday, October 17, 2007

PubGen Yelp Outs

So the blogroll is getting an update, finally. I'm weeding out some of the presses that I've stopped reading for one reason or another and putting in all the journals that closer reflect the Publishing Genius way of life. New: 5 Trope, Elimae, Otoliths. More worthwhile reading in those three than can fill a month, so put the gun down, darlin'.

I'm very pleased that Boston-based artist -- Leah -- is designing David Daniel's upcoming Boston-based chapbook Six Off 66. By all accounts, the sky is the limit. Here's a postcard Leah made:

Peter Ciccariello has agreed to provide the cover image for Paul Nelson's book of American Sentences. Imagine! Paul's chapbook should be done November 15.

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