Friday, October 26, 2007

This PDF Chapbook

I'm pleased to announce the development of a new Publishing Genius series called "This PDF Chapbook." This monthly feature makes the best mind-boggling writing available in PDF format, so that you can read from the screen or print it off in chapbook format for collecting and gifting. Each issue of "This PDF Chapbook" is free.

The series begins tomorrow with a story brought out and edited by Michael Kimball. It's an alphabetical piece by the mysterious and hilarious Andy Devine called, "As Day Same That the the Was Year." It's a complex story unlike anything you've read before, so quickly, and for understanding, over and over.

On November 6, look for Ric Royer's performance-companion-chap, Hystery of Heat. This piece is Royer's meditation on weather development through the millenia, scheduled to be performed at Baltimore's Theatre Project November 8-17; like the performance, the chapbook will come with a soundtrack.

In December, look to "This PDF Chapbook" for the text and striking images to a Stephanie Barber lecture, tentatively titled "For a Lawn Poem" and recently performed at the Shattered Wig Night.

Publishing Genius will continue to focus on producing handmade chapbooks. Things are lined up for two November releases; American Sentences and Six off 66. The third issue of Baltimore Is Reads is set for a winter release; submissions are still gladly accepted.

End of announcement.

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