Monday, June 02, 2008

High Score: 10,400

I finally beat level 16 on Brick Breaker. It took me a month, about, at one game per day, about. There are 34 levels. My high score is 10,400. It was very fun to see what level 17 and 18 look like.

Level 16 is a beast. It's a tall box like level 11 but with more of the orange bricks that you have to hit three times. The thing is that the box is surrounded on three sides by the grey tiles that you cannot ever break unless you shoot them with the gun, if you get the gun. Level 16 is a beastly monster and I do not like it.

I like the book I'm cooking up so far. I've got poems about Kierkegaard and Frederick Law Olmstead. I will revise more, but here is an excerpt:

He didn't go to college because he got sumac poisoning and that messed up his eyes!
He thought slavery was bad business and he wrote so when he was a journalist.
He was like a Red Cross guy in the Civil War.
He designed the park system in Milwaukee and also in Buffalo.
Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo.
That is a complete sentence!
Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo.


Josh Maday said...

Way to go putting a whoopin on Brick Breaker. That is satisfying.

I like the excerpt you posted.

Anyone who writes poems about Kierkegaard is a friend of mine.

Adam R. said...

Thanks Josh. I do like me some SK.

I did some googling and found that most people don't like level 16. I did some Youtubing and this is what I have to look forward to:

Playing Brickbreaker in Germany.


nice. looking fwd to yr book fo realz

Adam R. said...

Thanks thanks. It's coming. I wrote a new one about the missionary Elisabeth Elliot today.

Michael Kimball said...

Have you seen King of Kong?

Adam R. said...

MK, I haven't seen it. Let's watch it.

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