Friday, June 27, 2008

Something that is 101

Had a discussion with some friends the other night about "non representational art" and some bad things about it. It's hard to know what are things that are conveyed in something that is abstract. That might be boring. But really I don't think it's that hard. Compare this baldly symbolic dance (you don't have to watch very much of it to get the gist):

to this and be happy (HINT: it's fun to play them both at the same time with the sound off):

I feel like an ass for comparing them. Bah, it makes the point.

They both have pretty bad songs but one is way better. The second one is from Kate Watson-Wallace, a choreographer from Philadelphia. I want her to be in next year's Transmodern Festival. I just don't want the music to be so antithetical to the movement. But I think what she does is really cool. There's one in a car. She did that at the Philly Fringe last year I think: you ride around in her car and she dances through it, or something like that. I didn't get to go because it was sold out.


daniel trask said...

That first video gave me diarrhea.

Adam R. said...

For serious.

Michael Kimball said...

I like the second one a lot and nonrepresentational art a lot and things that have implication a lot and I hope you bring KWW to the Transmodern next year.

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