Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I forgot about this and then I found it and then I deleted it but first I posted it on my blog

Before I accepted the award for Best Guitarist With No Ring Finger, I went to the award ceremony. Before that, I put on my tuxedo.

It wasn’t my tuxedo. I borrowed it from a friend, just a sort-of friend really, my wife’s supervisor. Which is how come it’s so baggy in the buttocks. The butt.

Before that, and I mean long before that, I cut off my finger at the gas pump. Yow! Before that I had been practicing the guitar for years. After that I practiced guitar for years. The trip to the gas pump was just for something to do between years and years of practicing guitar.

The songs remain the same. I played them differently, though, without my ring finger. I should say without the top two-thirds of it, my ring finger.

Still I lost the wedding band that day. Into the gas tank, so you’d think the mechanic could retrieve it with suction, or disassembly. But such a job could cost in the range of $500 to $800 dollars, and this was a time when I was not exactly making a lot of money.

It cost more than enough just to stop the bleeding.

Of course, nowadays I’m flush. Nowadays I’m in a position to pay $800 to have my gas tank disassembled and put back together. The thing about that, though, is my wife sold the car. This was when I was on a month long tour of Japan. To feed the baby. My wife sold the car for baby food and diapers. Also sold: the wedding band.

In Japan I played in a rock outfit, and on one occasion in a wedding band.

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