Friday, July 18, 2008

People at the reading were nice to me

But I was a little uncomfortable the whole time and no one was responding when I read my poems. I was the first reader. I started to think, wait, maybe these people only like language-type poems. My new poems are basically just sentences about myself, so I thought they were hating me. Buck Downs was there and he has a very good globe around him. A gentlewoman named Dawn did too. There were about 20 people in the very cafe-ish cafe. If I could do it again I would put all my funnier poems up front to break the ice. So that's what I learned. I didn't even read some of my favorite stuff because maybe I made the set list wrong.

Wade was a great host and we traded chapbooks, my Butler for his own Snitch Culture from that huge Dusie thing. A handsome volume. And the other readers were good. I thought Kyle Dargan wrote really cool stuff and it wasn't at all language-y, so I misread all of DC. Madonna turned 50 and then "I thought she was pretty, for her age" went one of them. That wasn't it; it was better than that. There was a guy who played guitar and sang and he seemed very comfortable and really nailed it a lot. He played a rockin' solo that made me say, "Woo!" Reb Livingston said she doesn't get to read in DC very much except in her house. Then she said, "Don't get me wrong, it's a nice house." I laughed but no one else did more or less.

There was something else I was going to say but I can't remember now and I gotta go meet a man about a lunch.


Michael Kimball said...

My knee and Dr. Stephen Bell apologize for us not being able to attend. I'm glad the people were nice to you.

Adam R. said...

I'm going to sue your doctor.

ryan call said...

i apologize also for not being able to attend
instead i am sweating a lot in TN

i am really happy that you got to read in dc

reb is hilarious

Josh Maday said...

i need to take a trip to Baltimore/DC. it's a hotbed. good work, adam, et al.

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