Thursday, July 10, 2008

Proud Flesh Premier

The movie by Jenny Graf Sheppard and Chiara Giovando was astounding. It sounded beautiful and looked tight and there were three lines of dialogue I think. The music swept deftly between haunting, practically traditional folk and haunting, effective experimentalism. It was very unlike a music video. It had a tight story and there was a lot to do with things being intertwined and there was a lot of twiney symbolism. They really hammered in some symbolism like Nathaniel Hawthorne does. You get a symbol you like and then you make constant reference to it. This can be awful, but in Proud Flesh it was not awful because I don't necessarily know the relationship between the symbol and the story, and also every time it came up it was different and gorgeous. I didn't really "get" it, thankfully.

I want to interview the creators. I hope to, and I hope to write a more rational response at some point. This was the best indie experimental narrative I have ever seen, the first one that didn't make me cringe a lot.

Here is the trailer, which is more like a music video.

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