Sunday, October 05, 2008

I forgot about the face-off

Finally doing some much-needed cleaning around PG HQ. At first I loved the squalor, but after a couple weeks it feels good to be organizing the beer cans for the bin.

But anyway, while cleaning, I found a list of challenges that Michael Kimball and I were going to compete on. I think it's been probably six months since he and I discussed this contest of fifteen events, and in spite of his knee surgery in the meantime, I'm pretty relieved that nothing's kicked off yet. Seems like every time we hang out we bet on something and he beats me handily.

We were each supposed to propose 10 events from 2 categories to pick from, 7 each, and Michael's wife Tita was going to choose the 15th. Here are my suggestions.

Ping Pong (3 out of 5)
Dive Catching (football, baseball)
Washington Monument (Baltimore) - WA Monument (DC) race

Beer chugging (12 oz)
Impromptu speech
Grocery shopping
Crossword puzzle


Josh Maday said...

I want to see this. Dive Catching is great. Is this in water or on land? You have to take video and televise this Alternative Olympics.

Michael Kimball said...

We're still doing this.

Adam R. said...

Josh, I think dive catching is the only one i have a chance at. We're diving onto lawns.

The movie will be in Theatres in summer 09.

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