Thursday, October 09, 2008

Mailfolder (UPDATE: is not) full

Ah nuts.

Um, if you tried sending something to, please for the rest of the day send it to adamrobinson at gmail. Or try again tomorrow. I have to go to the email provider tonight and delete a bunch of crap so stuff just is getting not through right now.


I don't know, this Animal Collective record STRAWBERRY JAM doesn't seem as vital as SUNG TONGS (or that which it was called). I know, I'll listen to Bodies of Water. I'd prefer not to do this spreadsheet anymore.

I am having a blorgic frenzy, today only.

How sad, about the email. The Valzhyna Mort reading was great, for real practically austere. She has a stern visage, like a pretty pixie Ken Lay, but alive. Here's something: given the opportunity, you ought to see Valzhyna Mort read.

WTF why wasn't I in the 3750 page collective of poets? If you also weren't and don't want to be in the version I am not making don't email me a poem you did or did not write. Who could be upset about such a thing?

The stock drops so low pretty soon I'm going to do a hostile takeover of Blake Butler. I want to merge with Kendra Grant Malone. Pretend I didn't say that. "We Are Co-Existors!"

Talk about burying the lead, Ryan/Christy Call's PDF chapbook, "Pocket Finger," yo, I wish I spoke German so I could say one word that was several words signifying how good this book is. Best shower reading of 2008. Best book to hang on your wall of 2008. It seems like there is a smidgeon of Peter Markus up in this book? Maybe? Ryan?

Holy cow people, buy a new printer, get it ready for late October. Print this book yourself. Or it's likely that you will be able to buy an art book edition for maybe $20. The art book edition will conceivable have several pockets that hold sections of the story and pictures printed by Shutterfly (?) that you can pull out and look at and read in the shower. Not really in the shower. In the bathtub. The pictures, buy a frame, insert picture, hang on mother.

I HATE MAKING ART BOOKS. I cannot hold scissors in my hand. A scissor. I have no love for paste, but I love Pocket Finger 2008.

Now please redirect your emails.


Kendra Grant Malone said...

we can merge but it'll cost you $500 an hour plus the cost of the hotel room.

Adam R. said...

an hour!

ryan call said...

let me read peter markus and then i will answer you

thank you for this awesome post
we will do it right

Josh Maday said...

Pocket Finger is going to be an event. My mind and eyes are directed toward that moment with anticipation.

BlogSloth said...

500 is cheap.

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