Sunday, October 05, 2008

Poetry Completing

On Friday, with much trepidation, I handed my manuscript over to my fine publishers at Narrow House Press. The working title is from the poem called "Josh Maday," and in fact is a direct quote from one of his comments. The title for my book of poems is

The World's Top Latex Tycoon?

It feels interesting to say that. Lookout world, here comes The World's Top Latex Tycoon?. Ummmmmm. I thought about If It Breathe for a long time but that seemed a bit too elegiac or something. Some of the poems are pert corn like the one about Glenn Tipton from Judas Priest and some are Dubus-grade sad or supposed to be like the one about my family or the one called "A Palestinian Citizen."

So the MS still isn't complete. I'm working on a couple about Liberian women, one Black Diamond and one Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, both of whom if you don't know you will be blown away by.

Scary to hand over an incomplete MS, but esteemed editor justin sirois sent me a couple encouraging text messages. One said "you weirdo" and in the other he called me a "phallogocentric brut."



congrats adam i am excited to read it

Josh Maday said...

wow, i feel honored: the poem and the title! i like it, of course. my ego is swelling. i can't wait to read this collection. i like what i've read already. congrats.

Michael Kimball said...

Congrats on finishing the manuscript, for now.

j. a. tyler said...

congrats. I am looking forward to buying & reading it.

Adam R. said...

Thanks Blake, thanks Josh, thanks Michael, thanks JA. I feel like we are all in this together.

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