Wednesday, October 08, 2008


For the new PG homepage, submit pictures, especially MS Paint drawings, to Updates will be weekly. The new site will go live once there are a whole bunch. Also once the coding has been touched by a pro.


Peter Cole said...

let me know if you want assistance

Adam R. said...

Thanks Peter, maybe you can work CSS vooodooo.

OMG I got picked up by HTML GIANT! Hey here are my boobs!

Peter Cole said...

haha yes I saw

will be happy to do some voodoo

Josh Maday said...

looking forward to the PG redesign.

last night michael kimball and i talked about what a cool guy you are.

nice boobs.

Crispin Best said...

HTMLGIANT = full mailfolder = "We're sorry. There's a problem with the e-mail address(es) you're trying
to send to. Please verify the address(es) and try again."


totally tits

Mark said...

i tried to send stuff, but the email keeps getting bounced back

Adam R. said...

What??????? That can't be!

Let's see, okay, please send to

Crap, maybe I have to go to my mail server and delete old spam.

Anonymous said...

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