Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sweatpants is the name of my band

Come to our show.

I made this flyer in MS Paint. Please send me your MS Paint drawings for the new PG website. The website will feature a new picture every week. Why not make one of them yours?


T.O.B.Y! said...

If I'd known a little earlier, I probably could've taken Saturday off, to see you. Let me know when the next time is. I think I'll work on a picture for ya!

ryan call said...

can the pic be a non mspaint pic?

BlogSloth said...

Could you print these words from me?


Like the blog though

sam pink said...

if you like any of the ms paint drawings on my blog you can use those.

Adam R. said...

People often ask me do the images have to be MS Paint? No, they don't. What am I, mean?

Thanks Sam, that's an exciting offer.

Thanks Sean, I will print those words for you.

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