Wednesday, November 05, 2008

From Spools of Thin Wire -- This PDF Chapbook #11

It is with great pleasure that I finally introduce Kate Wyer's new chapbook of poems, FROM SPOOLS OF THIN WIRE. Here are thirteen deceptively complex poems. By that I mean that on the face of it, Kate's taut language and strange, sometimes religious imagery comes off as detached and passive so that it seems natural to employ some esoteric set of reading tools to the work. I think this misses what's really happening in the poems, though, and I'm most satisfied when I take her foxes for foxes and the sins of the world as the sins of the world.

As always, you can view the book at Issuu by clicking the file below, and you can print it off in chapbook format at The PDF Chapbook website. Also at the website you can request a copy be printed and mailed to you.

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Joseph Young said...

Just to say, not to Adam, because he knows, but to everyone, read this, it's great.

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