Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'd post more

but I'm busy reading PH Madore's thing.

So this is just to say that now there are only 9 copies of BKILT available for people who pre order Light Boxes.

I had meant to finish creating the IsReads website today but this PH Madore thing is distracting me. Dangit.

Pretty soon (like, sometime between tomorrow and Friday) you will be able to read Ryan Call's story and look at Christy Call's pictures. I think these two people are married or something, or they're brother and sister, or they were married, but anyway I don't like them anymore -- I thought they were good when I saw them open for Sleater-Kinney in 1997 but I think they've gotten too big since Cold Mountain.

pre order Light Boxes


P. H. M. said...

I heard Madore was appreciative of people reading his thing.

ryan call said...

we are married.

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