Monday, November 24, 2008

Interview about "Pocket Finger"

Lots of positivity about "Pocket Finger." Right after I finished doing the layout and uploading the book and stuff I read it again for the first time in a couple weeks and it blew me away. In the process of working really hard on so much stuff lately, I had forgotten a lot of the things I loved about the story. It was amazingly therapeutic. Rereading it in its completed state said to me, "Oh yeah, this is why I like to publish things." I felt rejuvenated by its quality.

So I asked Ryan and Christy some questions about the writing process and stuff. You can read their amazing answers here!!! I read their answers and then I felt awesome one more time. I think knowing the things they say enhances the book.

Here are some reviews that I copied from Ryan's blog.

Blake Butler at HTMLGIANT said:
POCKET FINGER represents a new level of ‘wow, fuck’ from Adam Robinson, the Publishing Genius. Insane and beautiful enfolded images from the clearly new and intricately spare imagery of Christy Call, meshed with bro-for-life Ryan’s knack to meld the everyday of fathers, fishing, and tradition with some tonally-wicked phrasing.

Christopher Higgs said:
For those of you who like Hollywood pitchline comparisons, think Peter Markus meets Brian Evenson meets post-apocalyptic Cormac McCarthy.

Aaron Burch said:
I'm not even sure what exactly to say about it other than the presentation, between art and text is beautiful and the writing kicked my ass and reminded me of everything that I love about the little of Ryan's work that I've read.

Mike Scalise said:
For those not familiar with Call’s fiction–and since this is his first web-based offering in that regard, you might not be–you’re in for something weird and beautiful. His prose operates with a kind of shadowy, elliptical gravity. Sad, but not sadness. Funny, but not jokey. Brutal, but not grizzly. The best way I can think to describe the work is that it feels like, for about nine or so pages anyway, the moment you realize the most promising possibilities of what became your life’s biggest mistakes. If that makes any sense.

Matt Bell said:
So, so good -- I needed to read something great today, and this was exactly the right sort of thing. Christy's illustrations are great as well, really complementing the disconnected mood of the story...The important thing isn't how you read Pocket Finger, but that you do read it, right now. It's a beautiful little book, a great read, and the ending is surprising enough that I immediately read it again.

Kevin Wilson says:
The first two pages alone are simply incredible and it just gets better.


Joseph Young said...

Yeah, I thought too of McCarthy in Ryan's kennings, though with an ultimately completely different result. And I really like what he said about sound as sense. A couple years ago I decided if a sentence sounded right, it made sense, at least to me. Anyway, it's a great story--what an ending--and Christy's drawings are the perfect counterweight.

Kathryn said...

i love pocket finger

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