Tuesday, November 11, 2008

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The reason Michael Kimball's postcard life stories project is so successful is because it's so great. The Guardian thinks so too.


This morning in the bathtub I was reading in Poets and Writers an interview with an editor at Algonquin and he was talking about what writers should do to help get their book out once it's accepted and I thought hey, Shane Jones does all this stuff, I wonder did he read an interview about what to do once your book gets accepted. Also Shane Jones ends many of his emails saying

Thanks Adam

which is an uncommon signatory line or whatever it's called. Thanks Shane.




Joseph Young is reading this Saturday in Baltimore. It's a very special event called Night of the Blackbird and it features Red Sammy playing music interspersed with JY reading and also Steve Matanle reading. All of Joseph Young's stories are better than almost every other story in the entire world. Check out the one he did today, which is 11/11.


I will be introducing the night of Night of the Blackbird. My introduction is a short play I've written for the occasion. It's a play for three people that I will perform entirely by myself, without changing my voice, without moving to look at where I just was in order to make it clear to the audience that now I'm another person. People are not stupid. They will figure out which character I'm doing by the things I say.

I say things like, "Hey, how's it going?" "Not bad, man. How about you?" "Pretty good, pretty good."


Okay, okay. Here is one hand and here is another.


Last night I got to attend a work-in-progress screening of Joseph Cashiola's movie, "A Thing as Big as the Ocean" (link is for the YouTube trailer). It's really good. He really tells an interesting story in a way that you don't realize your motherfucker is receiving an interesting story. I like that. But I have to say if I got this movie from Redbox I would have said, "Tortillas again?!"


PH Madore, he is helping me make The PDF Chapbooks good format for people with the Sony Reader. So there's that.


Shane Jones said...

i haven't read that article.

Adam R. said...

Which isn't to say that the other PGP writers aren't also awesome. Of course.

Joseph Young said...

hey, that guardian kimball thing is cute, and good! and cashiola, i think i let him know the other night how good the movie looks. it does.

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