Monday, December 08, 2008

Kathryn Regina's Chapbook, AS I SAID

I'm very happy to introduce a new issue of This PDF Chapbook. This is #13. It's a long poem by Kathryn Regina. It's a poem like a story like several poems. Things happen in this piece by Kathryn Regina, who lives in Chicago and sometimes writes poetry at her blog Some of those things that happen are obvious things and some are just the suggestion of something else. Some things are tiny miracles:
open the refrigerator
and there is a little light
and some I think didn't actually happen
a frog carried the sun above the water
while some dilapidations are funny
“There is a dragon in the washing machine. It must have crawled in through the drainpipe. Now all of my clothes will be the color of fire.”
and in this fucked up pharmakon there is a little light, there are miracles of friendship, I think, between people and between self and the selves of others.

There is something going on in Kathryn Regina's piece, "As I Said." Read it by clicking on the book below.

As always, it can be printed by going to I wonder how many people print these books? It really isn't hard. Your printer WANTS to print this for you.

Also, reading at Issuu isn't hard. If you can't quite make out the words on your 13" Macbook, click the third icon from the left, the two-sided diagonal arrow, and you will enter Full Screen Mode. It's like a different world.


BlogSloth said...

Oh I print them, on the university's dime.

Adam R. said...

Excellent! I'm very happy to hear that. Thanks.

And I want to sit in on one of your classes. I want to be taught there.

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