Friday, January 16, 2009

I Was Watching Legends of the Fall and Thought I Should Write a Sad Poem After Reading a Nothing Poem by Charles Simic (whom I like)

for Cindy Sheehan

How do you feel

What do you die thinking of

What is the last thing you say

If you’re belly shot in the army do you say mom or Eleanor or whoever

Bill, I believe in Jesus, Peg, I feel so cold, I’m sorry

Dulce decorum est do you say that

Mother what do you think your son will say

I figure for me it’s down to MOM or CLAUDIIIIINE

Maybe Objects in mirror are WHOA

What direction will your son’s head be facing

Deathbed is one word made special for the place you die

But there is no one special place for your deathbed

On her deathbed what do you want your daughter to say

You will be so fucking sad

Then you will be okay

Then you will be sad that you are okay

Then mostly okay again and well this will continue

Even now I often feel sad that I’m not sadder

And my worst thing that died was a dog


Adam R. said...

I will probably delete the objects in mirror line. I'm not Weird Al.

Adam R. said...

Not that that line is a reference to Weird Al, I want to be clear about that.

Matt Jasper said...

My neighbor Chuck would be proud. I owe him one or two for years ago getting me into Grand Street. Also: Ryan Call is a genius. Just read Funnel as Paranormal Conduit & other online poems with much admiration.

Joseph Young said...

that line stuck out, for good or ill. poem on, drummer.

Adam R. said...

Hi Matt.
Thanks for reading.
Thanks Joe.

BlogSloth said...

Jim Harrison wrote the novella. He rocks the Kids-ma.

Justin Sirois said...

I love how you tackle the Big Life Shit (BLS) and are having great success with it.

Huge Hrt.


Adam R. said...

Thanks j money. I like how you put that. It's reassuring.

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