Monday, January 26, 2009

IsReads update

I'm working now with Peter Cole of Keyhole to update the Baltimore/Nashville Is Reads business model. We're re-branding, so to speak. For the last time, the journal is now officially live at Starting with Issue 5, which is being posted around town this week, the website will be, simply, From that portal you will be able to read the poems and see them as they hang in their natural habitats in different cities.

There are more exciting announcements to come, including ways to get involved (aside from submitting 3-5 poems).


BlogSloth said...

I fucking love Nashville. Can I add something to the Nashville I read? Cool project.


Justin Sirois said...

is Awesomes.

Adam R. said...

Hey Sloth -- yeah yeah send short poems. Do it.

Justin Is Reads. I'm going to post poems all over your tats.

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