Thursday, January 29, 2009

M Magnus took the words to your biography and rearranged them and read them back to you and you did not recognize yourself at all

M Magnus, my Narrow House "label mate," so to speak, wrote Verb Sap and does this online radio show called MMm…Utterance. Today's show features an aural chapbook, a collection of work that starts out when he was 22 and includes the title poem from Verb Sap.

The poems are long but the lines are short and include nuggets like these:
"Generous? I'll give her the bird."

"The soul bleats
Please be a happy little girl
Don't grow old and die"

"I've got my ass on the moon
I'm shaking my butt on the moon
Said Neil Armstrong after a step"
(NB: Since these poems were poems I heard, I don't know about the line breaks. I think line breaks in an M Magnus poem are essential to what he's doing. I actually feel like excerpting lines misses the game in his work, because he's not, like, hittin' you with the wit or something. I mean, the work is clearly witty, but I think there is something more fundamental going on, I just don't know what it is.)

Anyway, I like it. I like listening to his poems at work. I think using the Internet as a tool to broadcast readings is smart.


BlogSloth said...

I am a little lost but the content was interesting.

Adam R. said...

Yeah, I gotcha.

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