Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rupert Reading

I just realized that The Signal has archived Rupert Wondolowski reading the title piece from The Origin of Paranoia as a Heated Mole Suit. It's great. I often have a hard time attending to stuff that's read on the Internet, but The Signal always does a great job of blending the words and background music.

Listen to it here. (Listen for when the host, Aaron Henkin, calls out "Filmmaker Michael Kimball" at the end. It's a happy thing to hear, and I'm looking forward to seeing the premier of his movie, I Will Smash You in February.)

The Origin of Paranoia as a Heated Mole Suit will be available for sale again in February.

1 comment:

Michael Kimball said...

I have never thought of myself in that way, but I would like you to refer to me in that way from now on.

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