Thursday, February 19, 2009

5:10 Readings

The Five:Ten reading series is amazzzzzzzzing. I have a great time every time I go.

This Saturday, I think, it will be the best ever. Shane Jones will be there to read from his new PGP book, Light Boxes, which you will be able to buy then -- or buy it now and read along on Saturday, or if you aren't near Baltimore, buy it now and find a comfy place in your house and read it for 12 minutes.

Then read Blake Butler's Ever for 12 minutes.
Then read Citizen Rahne Alexander for 12 minutes; I haven't read her fiction but I bet it's AMAZING cuz Rahne is AMAZING.
Then read Kyle Minor and Kathleen Rooney for 12 minutes each.
Then go get a couple beers with awesome people.


Kathleen Rooney said...

The series *was* amazing! Good to meet you there, and congratulations on all the publishing.

Adam R. said...

Great meeting you, too! I hope the rest of your tour has packed houses and you get lots of rest along the way.

Everybody check out this tour, okay, thanks. Glass candy to the right of the nipple on the left breast.

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