Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Review Roundup

I wish Baltimore Magazine would put their nice review of Rupert Wondolowski's massive (though small) book The Origin of Paranoia as a Heated Mole Suit, because then I could link to two glossy reviews of PGP books today.

As it is, I have only to point out Jonathan Messinger's masterful Time Out Chicago review of Shane Jones's Light Boxes. Messinger calls it a "fever-dream fable" and a "sweet, surreal battle in the snow."

And here is another awesome thing, by the inimitable Daniel Bailey. I think the one sentence he writes about the book/Shane is something that someday anyone would like someone to say about them.

Finally, Jamie Iredell mentioned Light Boxes in an abstract for an article he's working up about how Shane's novel, Blake Butler's EVER, and other books are affecting the salvation of publishing. I like that he says LB makes creative use of white space that suggests the snowy planes of its setting." I look forward with gusto to reading his paper.


BlogSloth said...

I have Shane's book (signed) on my desk. All of these reviews make my mouth water, my mind bleed.



Jason Jordan said...

Here's the decomP review, Adam.

Hope you thought I was honest and fair. I tried to be.

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