Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Would Like to Record Your Image

I bought this:

because it was better than buying a TV.

And I am bringing it to AWP and I would like to use it to record you. You can do whatever you want in this recording, but what I was thinking is you would read a poem from the new issue of IsReads, issue 5, and allow me to post it at IsReads.com when the new site is launched.

So come by, huh, whadday say? My table is the table that No Colony and Noo Journal have, too, so it's bound to be pretty good.


BlogSloth said...

That looks rad as Cher. Very cool.

Kiki Eleanor said...

What kind of camera is it? And do you like it? Quality/convenience/price, etc. Wondering how it is vs. a Flip, for example. Thanks!

Adam R. said...

Hey Kiki, here's my quick review, take it in consideration that this is a "budget item" that is not "prosumer quality":

*Image quality - 7/10 (5megapixels)
*Image quality in low light - 7/10
*Microphone quality - 8/10
*Ease of use - 6/10
*Convenience - 5/10 (a little bulky, requires external cable, won't charge when connected to PC)
*Construction - 6/10 (the window feels like you have to be kind of careful with it)
*Battery life - 7/10 (I recorded for an hour straight with no problem)
*Memory - 9/10 (uses SD cards up to 8GB)
*Price - 10/10 (for $99, you can't go wrong)

I haven't used the Flip, which is smaller, includes a USB hookup and seems to be better constructed, but I doubt it's much better than the Insignia model and only allows 60 min recording.

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