Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Narrow House Press

My amazing publishers have a new blog website. Narrow House has been at it for a long time, putting out work by luminaries like Rod Smith, Anselm Berrigan, Carol Mirakove . . . it's an impressive catalog. They started out as Narrow House Recordings, making CDs of poets reading their work. With Ric Royer's project (or Nic Noyer as Ryan Called him once and I have since preferred) There Were One and it Was Two (awesome title), they got elaborate and made a CD with an extensive book inside it. Then they put out M. Magnus's really great Verb Sap, their first book proper.

Coming soon, I can feel it, is the ie reader, a collection of poetry from people who have read at Baltimore's famed and amazing ie poetry series. It includes work from, geez, CA Conrad, Graham Foust, Gina Myers, Lisa Jarnot, Bob Perelman . . . I keep using ellipses when writing about Narrow House. That's a good indicator of how awesome they are.
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