Thursday, March 12, 2009

IsReads #5 is being posted around Baltimore

It's warming up, which means people want to stop and read poetry. Here are a few Baltimore Is Reads poems from the 5th issue. Look for a write up about the project in the May/June Poets and Writers, and contact me if you want to hang up poems in your wickedbad city.


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Brent Bogardus said...

I like how this project basically pisses people off (placing poems on their cars? seriously?) and how you're basically fucking the environment with all the paper that ends up all over the place. Then again, you live in Baltimore so I guess it doesn't really matter.

Adam R. said...

I wonder how fast it's going to take for me to get tired of you.

Brent Bogardus said...

I'd say about as fast as people tire from each PDF chapbook you publish.

Joseph Young said...

wow, if that guy's for real he's got a great big knife wound in his heart. sorry, man.

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