Monday, March 30, 2009

This PDF Chapbook: James Iredell

Boil water! Lots of it! Just born is the third installment of Jamie Iredell's brilliant (yes! brilliant!) novel-in-chapbooks that you've already read from oh-so-holy-wow presses GREYING GHOST (the one called "When I Moved to Nevada") (is this one out officially? I have it, but can everyone else get it? I don't know) and ACHILLES (the one called "Atlanta").

Read on screen here.

Print yourself a copy here.

Order a copy for $4 here.

"Before I Moved to Nevada" is a 40-page chapbook, which is a lot, so take some of the water you just boiled, pour a cup of tea, and sit down at your computer and enjoy it slowly. Or even better: build yourself a copy using the print-formatted PDF version. Read it on screen or print it: here at the Publishing Genius home of This PDF Chapbook.

"Before I Moved to Nevada" is a story about travel, about family, football, friendship, friendship, kissing, sports recreation vehicles, bears, about cabins and rivers. It's a story that ends with this sentence: "Nothing happened, except for the fish" which is a really good sentence.

Christy Call, who I think is the universal favorite of everyone who went to AWP, drew the deer on the front. There were over 30 emails exchanged proclaiming the superiority of that deer over all other deer. I mean, look at it!

A word about printing these chapbooks at home: if you have an awesome printer then you probably know what you are doing and you're all set. If you have a cheap printer that you got for free or really cheap when you bought your computer, this is the perfect machine to print from. Now, if you have a dot matrix printer, you are awesome but you can't print this PDF. But everyone else! Hey everyone else! Print this book, your printer will show you how to flip the pages for double-sided printing. It's easy and rewarding. Then you just fold the book in half and staple in the middle.

However, stapling in the middle is tricky unless you have a long-arm stapler, like me. But you can figure it out! And if you can't figure it out, I'll tell you what to do. Here's what to do: Lightly bend the back half of the book -- crap, I'll just draw it:

OK, but if all else fails, we at PGP are happy to build you a copy and mail it to you. We at PGP are prepared for this sort of thing. We will do it for you on the cheap, too. Go here.


Phampersand Press said...

A friend of mine has this amazing stand-alone antique stapler... it even comes with a bench that faces the stapler so you can sit while you mass-staple gigantic things. or pdf chapbooks.

do you do the artist book thang? a few of us bookies (mostly Philly, but also beyond) are putting together a pdf exhibition--artist books for anyone to download and keep or display. I'm hoping that mine involves Christmas sweaters, though yours could definitely involve writing (or the uterus) if you want to participate.

Jamie Iredell said...

Awesome Adam. this looks great. Oh, and I wanted to tell you (since I forgot) that, no, the chap from Greying Ghost isn't out yet, but I had a special run done for AWP, and you got a copy, because you da shit.

Adam R. said...

P- Wicked, I want to think about doing PDF artist books. Very interesting. We should Bookies about it Thursday.

J- Nah nah you da shit. Product is moving.

Justin Sirois said...

Looks swell, sir.

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