Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another Wicked Insane Contest

Someone is going to win Jamie Iredell's PGP chapbook, "Before I Moved to Nevada." Someone is going to win Christopher Higgs's PGP chapbook, "Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously." Someone is going to win Jimmy Chen's chapbook, "Typewriter" from Magic Helicopter. Someone is going to win Blake Butler's book, EVER. There's so much to win and so little time.

In order to win you have to add EVER on Goodreads. And then you have to leave a nasty comment on Blake Butler's blog. For complete and coherent rules, go there and check it out.

This is cool. There are so many contests right now. Like the one PH Madore came up with for Light Boxes. That's the king.

There is also this Keyhole one.

There are more, but my burritos dinged.

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