Sunday, April 12, 2009

Apropos of Nothing, or an Easter reflection

The day my grandfather died I was in China with some friends. It was Chinese New Year. Some of my friends went out to see a parade and some stayed back with me and said nice things. Then we went for a walk and brought along the football. We stopped to toss it around in a park and within a few minutes 500 people gathered around to watch the Americans at sport. It was overwhelming to be the center of attention with a tear-streaked face.



i appreciate this photo and text greatly

Joseph Young said...

this pic is like some kind of fairytale.

Adam R. said...

Thanks my friends Joseph and Blake.

Adam R. said...

it really is fairytale-ish, with the arch in the back and the way the sun hits, and other things like the people I guess.

Almost everyone in China is Chinese.

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