Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Daniel Bailey's DRUNK SONNETS

A full length book by Daniel Bailey is coming in the fall from Magic Helicopter Press. At this point, this is just to say that I think the cover looks really cool. Also that I liked Daniel Bailey's poem in Abraham Lincoln (available now).


daniel bailey said...

thanks adam.

daniel bailey said...

oh! i should also mention that chelsea martin did the cover art. she is a badass.

sasha fletcher said...

dan bailey is a badass.
adam robinson is a badass.
al swearngen is passing stones.
gleets are badass.

Adam R. said...

Yeah, I recognized Chelsea's hand there. Once when I ordered a book she sent me a cutout of the word "Something." It's elaborate and beautiful just like the text on your book, so I taped it to the jar I keep my coins in.

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