Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Hobart's baseball issue

My very short story, "His Point of Sadness Now Becoming Light," was just published in Hobart's annual Baseball issue. Check it out. My favorite thing is the story by Simon A. Smith called "Man's Man." In it, an overzealous baserunner meets a gruesome end.


Ryan W. Bradley said...

that's a fun piece! it's always good to see some baseball pieces out there.

No Name McGee said...

The Pickle's back!! Huzzah!!
(will "his" colleague have a turn too?)

Joseph Young said...

great story, ar! sadfunnybaseball

Adam R. said...

Thanks Joe and Ryan. Ah, sad and funny baseball.

Toby -- I think maybe I'm having a temporary tribute to The Pickle. Maybe Comb will write a review, if he gets to any good restaurants or something.

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