Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mega-Announcement These Should All Get Their Separate Posts

Lots of exciting news for PGP lately. Like Light Boxes got added 300 times on Goodreads, and Goodreads was like, cool!

And Poets & Writers published a nice article about Is Reads, the PGP journal that posts poems on street corners and stuff. The piece is online now and it will be in the May/June issue, once that hits the stands. I've been a longtime reader of P&W, and a subscriber, so this feels really good and important to me. I am very pleased. It is written by Kiki Anderson, who runs The Here to Hear, which is the coolest music blog I've ever seen.

Also there's a new PGP website. It's better. It's getting there. I hope you like it? I hope it looks really good on your computer.

And there's a new series at the new website. It's called EVERYDAY GENIUS. It's a Monday-Friday (-ish) updated literary ezine with a poem/short thing everyday. Everyday Genius is taking submissions.

But what I think I'm most excited about, at least right now, is the Shane Jones reading at Apostrophe Cast. Because I can't read Light Boxes (updated link!) with a fresh eye anymore, I rely on reviews and readings to remember how much I love the story. Shane does a great job reading it and it brings up so many thoughts in me about the violence and beauty of the story. I can see why so many people like it.


Adam R. said...

Also, if you listen to the Apostrophe Cast reading you can hear Shane read the words that are blackened out on p14.

Joseph Young said...

e-zine, robinson?? wow, cool.

Mark said...

the new site looks great
as for everyday genius it should be obvious where i stand on that...
everything should be everyday
i think it's about time you shackle and chain jones down and make him write a new light box everyday

Adam R. said...

Joe, I'm glad you caught the ezine thing. I laughed when I wrote that.

Mark, at first I wasn't sure who Mark was but then when I thought of what Mark would have obvious thoughts on everyday things I thought, oh, Mark Baumer, owner of Everyday Yeah! Yeah! Yyyyyyeeeeeesssss you own it.

Thanks fellers.

Ryan W. Bradley said...

the site looks aces, man.

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