Friday, April 17, 2009

Microfiction, Fake, Plot-driven, Fragmentary, Not Empty, The Wire Season 6, Sarcastic/Cynical, The Kind of Stuff People Want to Read Not That Frigg BS

Guy with raccoon eyes walks into my shop with a gun. I get all tee'd when he demands money, but I give him some anyway. In the meantime, a pregnant woman enters. The bells jingle on the door. The guy knocks her on the head. A cop passes. I'm thinking robber just leave. I'm thinking Rico Suave. Cop looks in the window, sees the gun. The phone rings. It's mom.

"Hey what's up" I say.

"It's Darryl" she says, "his car broke down and he's going to be late for work."

"Did you call Denise at the temp agency?"

The pregnant lady's head is bleeding. The cop has one hand on his holster and the other hand on the door. The guy fingers pearl. I didn't notice earlier but the sack he's carrying is burlap and has a dollar sign stitched on it. I'm acting cool, leaning against the register, remembering my senior prom. I push back my cowlick with an open palm.


Molly Gaudry said...

Is this from the show? I like it, though. Confused, me.

Adam R. said...

I think your comment is more bewildering than my story.

The Wire ended at season 5.

Adam J Maynard said...

'ello bub

Anonymous said...

We never talked about the Wire today. Season 5 was pretty good, not great, but I'd still love a season 6.

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