Tuesday, April 14, 2009

PHMadore-sponsored contest

PH Madore, who is MADOREABLE (especially in his new jacket), bought another copy of Light Boxes last night but told me not to ship it until he gives the say-so. He's going to pick someone to receive it -- maybe you -- based on a contest he's holding at his blog. It's really nice of him. It's inGenius. Contestants have to be like Jesus' disciples and spread the good news of Light Boxes all over the Internet:
Yes, exposure is the goal here. So the winner of the contest will be the person who posts about this contest in the most places — forums, personal blogs (limit one per entrant–if you have five blogs, only one counts), shared blogs, friends’ blogs, comments sections, New York Times advertisements, wherever. To make an entry, first copy at least 50% of this text, including a link to these contest rules . . .
Wicked. I'm really looking forward to seeing LB mentioned in the comments at YouTube. PH Madore is in the act of marketing genius.

Shane Jones is going to sweeten the deal and include a signed copy of the book "and "bonus material" which might include: notes taken during the writing of light boxes, torn out pages from personal notebook, stickers, edits from the publisher, etc." Me too. I'm going to sweeten the deal too. In addition to sending LB when PHM gives the green light, I will also send at least three other PGP books.

I won't be affronted if people don't take up the charge, even though I've always wanted to be part of something viral. Shane wonders, however, if he's annoying and will he be washed up one day. With Goodreads on his side, how could he be?

PH Madore also wrote a really nice review of Justin Sirois's book, Secondary Sound yesterday.

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