Thursday, May 14, 2009

How you doing, here're some thoughts I just had, I'm setting blog culture back 10 years with this post, Sometimes when people do goofy things for a lo

ng time the things stop being goofy and become kind of cool and I wish I was like those people, Huh, I wonder if there are any things I do that were goofy for a long time but have become cool cuz I stuck with them, Why don't I ever post about what women want, Why don't I watch more baseball, Has poetry become more important to me than baseball, Finally reading "Play" by Mathias Svalina was a great idea and sometimes I laugh and then feel sad immediately afterward about the kids who disappear, Oh shoot is what I'm doing now something Sam Pink would do/has done, Anyway, what I was saying about "Play" and baseball is that I think Adam Peterson's blog is my new favorite, He's practically Mike Royko you know what I'm saying, Baby I don't care how you feel I just care about what you do *Updated*

Via Sean Lovelace and his funniness of review, I like this story called "Doll Eyes" by Robert Repino in Night Train. The way the story moves, the pacing, the details coming in quick succession reminds me that flash fiction is harder to read than regular fiction. You have to pay closer attention, be more patient -- which is counterintuitive because when I think "short" I think "cool, I'll be done with this in 2 seconds and a better person afterward."

Hey, it's like poetry in that way, except not as flakey.

In other news, if I want to do something I just do it and then whatever happens, happens.

I don't have a game plan, per se.

What if everyone was like Shane Jones and just suddenly deleted his/her blog out of nowhere? It would be like M. Night Shamalyan's movie The Happening.

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Ryan W. Bradley said...

mmm, baseball.

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