Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I ho I'm still alive yeah yeah I ho I'm still alive I'm still alive

What's the title of this post quoting?

Speaking of asking questions to an indeterminate Internet readership, the contest to win a copy of MLKNG SCKLS by writing an acrostic was won by a hot guy named Frank Sung. Justin wrote about it. The contest was hosted by Brian Allen Carr. I don't know what he looks like but I think he's awesome. He wrote about it too.

I've been away for so long that I don't think I'll be able to devote the proper amount of attention to the items Matt Bell has been sharing in my Google Reader. Crap, I feel like I'm missing a lot.

But I watched Blake Butler eat his book Scorch Atlas, which is amazing. The book I mean. Not sure how I feel about him eating it. It's obviously a publicity stunt, and that pisses me off.

I read about Sean Lovelace going to Hot Springs, Arkansas though and want to go there. I also want to write things such as "I calmed down like a TV show" like he does. In fact, I don't want to write at all unless I write things like that.

Back in May I walked down an alley in Ann Arbor and listened to Blake get really angry and cuss-y and say that Sean doesn't know anything about nachos. I mean, it was just insane how upset he got about the whole thing, about how Sean talks about nachos all the time but doesn't know jack cheese about them.

What else did I read about? That Michael Duckett thing at HG is awesome. Apparently Justin Taylor wrote some mean stuff about some botard or whatever and now Gene's name is really Russell.

I think it's funny that Russell changed his name to Gene, as if one was less awkward than the other. To me, both of those names fall into the awkward category of names. If Mike is a normal name and Joe and Dave are normal names, Gene and Russell are equally abnormal. What made him go from Russell to Gene? What's the point? This really pisses me off.

I have a friend; his name is Russell Elliott. That is an awesome name. It's two weird names in a row. He's in China now and he likes baseball and his favorite band is The Raspberries probably. He has a preference between Greg Kott and Jim Deregotis.

And now there's Russell Morgan -- also two weird names in a row. Morgan, though, is kind of hot. Like, when I think about someone named Morgan I think about Baywatch for some reason, and I don't think I'm the only one who this smatters for.

(Sold the film rights to Light Boxes, btw.)

I bought Stephanie Johnson's book from Keyhole. It better be good. I watched SJ read from it on the Internet because that's what the Internet is for.

This morning I woke up on the floor. Never even tried to make it to bed. I remember when Joe left I was thinking, oh I'll just rest here for a second and I laid down. Next thing I know I'm waking up with my cell phone in my hand thinking "I should tweet this."

OMG I read about the hardcover copy of MLKNG SCKLS that Justin "Muscles" Sirois is making. CRAVE:

My brother used to call me tuna breath.


Molly Gaudry said...

This is great.


you're a publicity stunt


operating a small press is a publicity stunt

i would eat sean's nacho face

Adam R said...

Thanks Molly. A lot.

Blake, Eat a book fagtron.

Adam R said...

Psyche I was just joking I think eating your book is awesome and the videos you make of it they too are awesome.


what you know about the banana and mayonnaise? / slice of toasted bread on a nap-kain

j. a. tyler said...

congrats on the film rights (and light boxes getting close to sold out). and that js hardcover looks seriously nice.

Adam R said...

thank you J. A.

sasha fletcher said...

it's quoting pearl jam tuna breath

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