Thursday, July 09, 2009

MLKNG SCKLS contest (#2)

First of all, Brian Allen Carr received a second copy of MLKNG SCKLS and he's holding a contest. The prize includes his extra copy and PLUS

Amelia Gray's AM/PM
Larry Fondation's Unintended Consequences
and a year's subscription to Boulevard Magazine.

SECOND OF ALL, congratulations to Bret McCabe, who won the MLKNG SCKLS IS NOT A CALLOUS VIDEO GAME contest. He was selected by Justin Sirois in a blind reading. (There were two other entries.) Bret walks away with a copy of the book signed by Justin and his Iraqi editor, Haneen Alshujairy.

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Justin Sirois said...

I'm throwing in some NH merch to sweeten the pot.

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