Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dzanc Books -- Best of the Web nominees

I nominated three pieces for Dzanc's Best of the Web 2010. It's these:

Cindy Loehr, "Shrub Prayer"

One of these prayers takes the shape of a shrub. It has tiny yellow flowers and it grows through a fence.

Laura Ellen Scott, "The Temple Dog"

Ricky the ex-porn star went to the wrong library when Family Friendly Libraries as absorbed into Parents Against Bad Books In Schools and he started getting action now emails from all over creation. It was confusing.

Joseph Young, "Galaxy"

The cop went to talk to another cop, a lady one. She was cute and redheaded, gray slacks fitted slim in that way around the thighs. She could even be pretty. His girlfriend rang again, but he left it, and she quieted.

It was really hard to make the selection, so I picked two runners up that could have won on any given Sunday.

Jamie GP, "To Be Continued"
Hope grew up on the East Coast and attended public school. She had great teeth.

Theresa Columbus, "Scene 6"
So there was a lady with very, very long hair, hair that went all the way to the floor. So a man plucked one hair from her head, and he was an auctioneer, and asked the people who would want to buy the hair for a dollar?

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