Friday, August 21, 2009

Fasttrack Yourself

Starting tomorrow I'm going on tour with my band, Sweatpants. If you live in one of the cities below, you should come see us:

Baltimore, MD on Saturday -- Charm City Art Space
Arlington, VA on Sunday
NYC on Tuesday -- The Cake Shop
Philly on Wednesday
Richmond, VA on Thursday
Charlottesville, NC on Friday
DC on Saturday -- La Casa

(I didn't set up these shows so I really don't know the clubs we're playing [except as marked]. Email me or leave a comment and I will let you know where in each city, if you want to try to come.)

But anyway, if you're not in one of those cities, here's a tip:

Mail me your manuscript. Like through the post office. If you have a manuscript that you already sent me, like for a PDF Chapbook or a paperback, there is a pretty good chance that I haven't read it yet. Sorry, things have been crazy. But if you mail it to me, there is a 90% chance that I will read it while on the road. I might read it out loud to Dave (drums) and Jamie (bass), and depending on their reaction, I might accept it. I will comment on it no matter what, should you be the sort that likes comments. (I try to be nice, but if you prefer impersonal responses, just note that on p1.)

Include a SASE, please, if you want the whole msp back. If you don't, I'll just email you my notes.

This isn't just for people that I haven't responded to yet. If you haven't submitted already, you are still welcome to send me something now and get on the fasttrack. But I promise to read the work of people who already submitted first.

I'll be getting mail on Monday and Wednesday, so depending on where you live, try and time the mail so it gets there then, or before then.

The address is:

Publishing Genius
Attn Adam Robinson
2200 Maryland Ave C1
Baltimore, MD 21218


Ryan W. Bradley said...

i wish i had seen this earlier

gregory said...


i hope the tour is going well.

Justin Sirois said...

and where the heck is Adam?

You coming over for the mega BBQ, Sunday?

Adam R said...


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