Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Matthew Simmons Wrote About MLKNG SCKLS (plus an addition to yesterday's post)

Hey, Matthew Simmons wrote some really smart stuff about MLKNG SCKLS. Check it out here. My favorite part is the first paragraph, where he says,
The language is not dense, but it has a deep and impressive lyricism. Sirois has
a gift for lyrical writing that in no way seems forced. The alliteration and
internal rhymes that occur in the well-constructed sentences work in ways
they don't in a lot of prose lyricism. He is restrained, picking the right
spots to deploy a rhetorical figure to advantage.
With regard to Matthew's book, A Jello Horse, there are plans in the work to add a sort of coda. So it'll be a little longer. Pre-sales for the new edition will start soon.

And yesterday I neglected to mention the great interview between Matt DeBenedictis and Jamie Iredell at The Chapbook Review. Sorry Jamie! Sorry people! It is a great interview and you should read it to find out what's behind those detailed and precise short fictions that Jamie writes.


BlogSloth said...

I think Jamie kicks ass. Keep up the good work.


Jamie Iredell said...

Dudes. You are my gods. Seriously, I want you all in my mouth.

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